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Salah Ad Din Investment Commission makes visits to several investment projects in the Province


Salah Ad Din Investment Commission makes visits to several investment projects in the Province

For the purpose of promoting investment projects and to encourage competition among companies and also to spread the spirit of optimism among the citizens the Investment Commission of Salah al-Din headed by Mr. Tami Saab Moushrif, Vice Commissioner and the Director of Public Relations and Media and a number of staff of the Commission on Thursday, 21/7/2011 visit to a number of investment projects held in Salah al-Din. The visit comes within a series of visits by the Investment Authority for the stages of completion and progress. The delegation held a number of meetings with those responsible for such projects and who seem willing to continue the efforts and the ongoing work in order to increase production in a number of projects, especially plant compilation of poles in the city of Baiji, where the rate of its production of 50 column every day and international specifications in force and it is hoped that the production capacity of the plant to 150 pole day. The delegation also visited the factory floor River Coral in the district of Shirqat which has a production capacity of 100,000 brick a day now at the stage of pilot production. as well as the delegation visited the city of games Baiji (gardens Iraq), which is one of the largest cities of the games in Iraq, where it occupies an area of land estimated at 322 acres and contains 17 of the game in addition to the squares and lanes, parks and other means other recreational and that this project is of vital projects and the task he is a resort entertainment for people of the province and other provinces of Iraq. In the same context delegation went to the site of work in bridge Azwaip floating, which amounted to a completion rate of 80% and that the bridge is one of the service projects necessary for the people of the region as a link between the province of Salah ad Din Governorate Kirkuk, which helps to ease the movement of persons and goods between the two sides. There are unexpected visits to many other projects.

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