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Nahr Al-Marjaan Firm starts producing bricks


Nahr Al-Marjaan Firm starts producing bricks

Nahr Al-Marjann firm starts producing bricks at the beginning of the month of June and that the production in the experimental stages and it is hoped to begin actual production in the next few days, with a production capacity of 100,000 brick a day and it works by modern methods that contribute to raising the efficiency and quality of product, which consists of three stages of production is the production lines milk, soft and machinery and drying equipment, machinery and equipment burning and marketing. that the opening of this lab is one of the important achievements in order to provide bricks in the domestic market has given the investment of Saladin great importance to the completion of this project in order to provide this material to fill the shortfall in the market from them. There is also number of laboratories for the production of bricks in the stages of construction.

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