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Car Parking


Car Parking

Implementation and installation of sheds as dimensions required galvanized Alkerba with the framework of galvanized iron Chkath section dimensions (4 * 2) Wang and columns of iron ring with the dye in the floor to prove and demonstrate the parties and by the thickness of 6 mm Plate. Casting by concrete floors armed with a layer of the (BRC) and the desired thickness. Fencing position, according to what required from the relevant. Work of the fountains and green areas within the situation is similar to the present in evolving attitudes. Archives must be attached to the following when you make the offer by the investor to the investment of Saladin. Fill out an application form prepared by the investment license by the Investment Commission of Saladin personally receipt from the Department of the single window in the body or through the website of the Authority Provide us with an integrated feasibility study for the project. Progress of the work schedule and determine the time period for completion of the project and method of implementation. Bring the company's papers in the case of being a non-Iraqi should be ratified by the Embassy of Iraq in the State concerned. Efficiency of financial and bank statements for 2009 and 2010 at least from an accredited bank. Provide similar work for the company. Note that the date of submission begins 05/12/2011 and last date for receipt of offers on 11/6/2011. ((Note)) Is to choose the best offers submitted by the investor on the basis of differentiation within the limits approved by the Investment Commission of Saladin in the case of approval on the leaves of the investing company must have to do the following: - Contracted with an engineering firm specialized for the preparation of detailed plans Lucite (Construction - Architecture - electric - health) with the detection of the site and my guess at the expense of the investor. Contracted with a consulting firm to validate the plans and statements in coordination with the investment of Saladin, at the expense of the investor. Contracted with an engineering firm to oversee the work in detail and at the expense of the investor. Undertakes to the beneficiary (the province) to deliver services (water + electricity + sewerage + road) to the outer limits of the piece to be set up by the industrial district.

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